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Ever since Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters wore a jacket like this she bought from Korea, I’ve been lusting after it, and finally found one- at Zara, of all the stores! The red talks enough so it made my styling really simple. I went for a baseball-ish look (I was soo tempted to wear a cap) with trusty jeans and white shoes. The yellow wall was in perfect contrast with the jacket, so obviously I had to shoot against it (yes it was uncomfortable getting into that position, but the composition was great!)


What I wore: Zara Shibuya jacket | Jeans- Benneton | Shoes- New look (Koovs) |
Location credits: Chavadi

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Independence Day

Happy Independence Day everyone! Today marks the 70th year of our independence and we could not be prouder. Despite all the complaints we’ve got about the country, and all the faults we find in it, there’s always something or the other that brings us back to where we were, and makes us love our country a little more. The one thing that I’ll always love about our country is the culture and the ethnic wear, and so I decided to go all out Indian today, and chose this skirt from LibeRent to mark the occasion.


Style Choice via LibeRent Maxi Skirt | Vintage crop top | New Look suede heels

Have a great Independence Day everyone, and here’s to a year of developments and empowerment!

Photography: Team TBI

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Must Have Ethnic Wear This Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner and we’ve got Paromita Sengupta from India Rush in this guest post, giving you a breakdown of what you can wear on this festive day!

We are so blessed to have such good devils beside us during those naughty childhood days, for staying during the toughest hours during teenage-breakup issues and hard core partying throughout our life. Don’t we miss them the most while re-telling our childhood stories to our better half or kids or best buddies? Yes we do, and that’s why Raksha Bandhan feels so special to us.

This year on 18th August, shower your love on your dear brother and darling sister- and do it in style! Designer wear cannot stay behind during such special occasions. Scroll down for a peep into the collection of latest ethnic wears which you should have for Raksha Bandhan.

Anarkali Suits


Twirl your taste a little this day, and adorn yourself with long Anarkali suits or, say, online net suits. Because they are fabulously ! Match it with chandelier earrings and a broad choker and finish off your look with platform heels.

Palazzo Suits


Stay comfortable and stick to your girly charm. Fix your appeal in hands of beautiful palazzo suits as they are promise comfort all day long. Choose a perfect fabric. A Chanderi silk suit is also a great option if you have any confusion and want simplicity yet sass on priority. Pair it up with hanging earrings and sleek gold pendant.

Maxi Dress


Don’t drown your chirpiness on Raksha Bandhan, spruce it up instead! Pick out a boho-print or floral maxi dress which can stay as easy breezy on you as you actually want. Grab this piece and pair it with fashionable earrings or, on the trendier side, ear cuffs, and maybe a simple stone pendant too.

Silk Saree


You can never go wrong with a saree on a festive occasion! If, deep down, you are an ethnic lover then this section is a must for you. Buy online silk sarees to reflect high elegance and pair this royal attire with golden sandals and traditional earrings.

Frock Kurti with Culottes


Who said you can’t pair culottes with a kurti? Get a charming, ethnic, designer look in a snap on this busy day. It won’t take much of your time. Choose a frock kurti and a pair of culottes for that charming and smarty glare. Don’t miss the stage look and grab hoop earrings and pumps with them.

So that’s that then! If you’re finding it difficult to decide what to wear for Raksha Bandhan, we hope this compilation has made it a lot easier for you. Stay tuned for more festive dress up secrets!

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Fashion Musings

In talks with Shillpa Purii

It’s almost festive season in India and that means it’s time to stock up on your best Indian wear and have some great accessories to go with them. I always keep a look out for good jewellery that goes with both Indian wear and western wear, so when I got the opportunity to interview Shillpa Purii, I was thrilled to see the new stuff she had come up with. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go for the launch because of  the annoying combination of too much college and too much rain, but hopefully I shall get to go have a look soon and add some new fancy pieces to my jewellery box.

Words from the designer:

1.What message do you have to jewellery lovers about your latest collection? And how is it unique from what we find everywhere in today’s market?

The leaf collection is romantic in appeal and distinctive in nature. It gives the customer a choice to wear something trendy at any time with an Indo western touch.


2.We love how your jewellery is the perfect blend of Indo- western. Which piece in the collection would you say works for occasions of both sides?

The double leaf ring in a dark ruby colour & the turquoise leaf ear cuff, both these pieces are trendy and multi-functional, can be worn to a brunch, cocktail or even a sangeet.


3.  How does the collection reflect the mood of the season?

I have a long standing love for nature and its elements, be it using wood or designs that are inspired by nature, this collection is no different as it is LEAF inspired.

4. What is the relevance of the leaf motif to the season?

The monsoons in our country signify nature and I thought it would be ideal to centre this collection on nature and its elements, particularly the leaf. Some pieces the leaf is used as a hanging and in some pieces the leaf is an integral part of the design such as the ear cuff and the ring.


5.Does the theme mean that these designs should be used only in the monsoon in terms of material or it can be used at any time of the year?

Dauntless yet elegant, this collection is for women who love to embrace their feminine side with confidence hence it is something that can be worn anytime. These pieces are trendy yet multifunctional comprising of  Pearls, turquoise stones,etc.


6.Is there a specific leaf you had in mind for the motif?

Leaf- element as a whole was my inspiration.


7. How would you style your favourite piece of the collection?

Hands out the turquoise leaf earcuff with a LBD for a night or even an off-shouldered top to a brunch to a casual kurta.

3 (1)

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First things first- I’ve never drunk green tea before. Shocked? Yeah, I thought so. Despite hearing so much about it, I always stuck to my preferred blend of tea that I painstakingly sourced from the UAE through every relative or friend or friend’s friend who ever went there. For the past few weeks however, the stress of final year and everything has been getting to me, and I was on the lookout for any solution that could calm me down and keep me healthy without having to actually try (yep, that means no gym!)

I think The Digital Rose heard my prayers, because they sent around sachets of green tea from Kirkland Signature by Ito En. Mum had never tasted green tea either (you see where I get my stubbornness from) because she’d always thought it had no taste (“who drinks plain tea without milk and sugar Sindhu, how do you live on that?!”)

creative (2)

So we thought we’d take the plunge together, and make an evening out of it. Luckily, Bangalore’s weather was obligingly cloudy and cold, so we set up fancy chinaware in our verandah and made use of the weather, and the tea. But first- quick health facts!

creative (1)

It’s really easy to make Kirkland Signature green tea- simply steep the tea bag in hot water for a minute or so, and then empty the remaining Matcha onto the surface of the tea! This minute-long process is probably the easiest way to be healthy.


Given that I’d never tried green tea before, I was expecting something rather horrid. However, this wasn’t like that at all! It merely tastes like herb-flavoured water, and adding the matcha will also give it a bitter tinge that only adds to the flavour. Add lemon or milk only if the taste just isn’t for you. Keep in mind, however, that green tea isn’t a substitute for a healthy diet and nutrients- it is a part of it. It is recommended to drink 2-3 cups daily to maximise the benefits.


This was definitely a successful green tea trial, and I’m going to be stocking up on more Ito En and Kirkland Signature products very soon! Buy it off Amazon here. Also, tell us your favourite green tea brand in the comments below? So I can try it out too!

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PS: This is not a sponsored post.
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Detox and Chill

My first experience with green tea, read on to see how it was!

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Change The Formal Game

So you all know how I felt like royalty in the previous post featuring LibeRent‘s Tropical Fleur skirt, and I decided to switch things up a bit by changing the formal game. Most of the times we tend to stick to neutral greys and whites when it comes to formal clothing, just to play it safe. And since I knew I’d be the first to pull on a dull grey pair of pants and an equally dull sweater, I thought I’d experiment a little, again with florals, but it a more formal setting. This was obviously quite easy given I just had to book the skirt through LibeRent and rent it for a day! Think formal think grey? Think again.


Inmark white top | Spring Break via LibeRent floral pencil skirt | New Look tan heels


Stay tuned for the next two post featuring a different theme- from florals to…?

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Of Florals & Silver

I’m too much of an impulsive buyer, and also have my nose proverbially stuck in fashion blogs and designer websites, checking out the new trends and wondering if I’d ever have the guts to wear something of that sort. Safe to say, a combination of the two is a horrible thing to be. Many times I’ve seen beautiful dresses or tops on a model online and I just have to buy it, even though I know I’d confine it to my closet immediately after I got it. Which I did, every single time. So I figured I needed to change my shopping behaviour obsession. But instead, I stumbled upon LibeRent.

A website that allows me to rent out stuff I shouldn’t buy but I could experiment with? Sounds like heaven. So I checked their website out, with a little reservation that usually happens when I use a website for the first time (not that that’s ever stopped me) and I asked for this floral skirt that looked lovely on their model, although it wasn’t directly available on their website. Can’t tell you how excited I was to open the box and see it! It was clean, neat and of great quality. Fit like a glove, too. And what’s more, it turns out this skirt is part of their new collection that isn’t even up yet on their website, so I felt quite like royalty while doing this preview!


INMARK high neck crop top | STYLE CHOICE VIA LIBERENT “tropical fleur” maxi skirt | ANTIQUE silver jewellery

So LibeRent is a clothing rental company that operates mainly in Bombay and Bangalore, but delivers to other major cities in India too. You can rent clothes for any occasion, all at just 10% of the product’s actual price! The clothing items are usually designer, with the original prices running into thousands of rupees, so a low rental price is a breath of relief. Spotted a bunch of F21, Forever New and H&M items in their new collection too! Main categories are Western and Ethnic, and there’s also an option to rent accessories. Shipping and pick up is free, and the clothes are hygienic and clean- this I can personally vouch for.

As for sizes, you don’t have to worry- you can select your bust-waist-hip measurement on their website and they’ll customize it to fit you most of the times. In case customization isn’t possible, there’s always the option of choosing a back-up outfit.

And yes, feel free to use the special discount code below and avail 50% off on your first rental!

thebeautifulindian (1)


this post is a collaboration but all opinions stated are our own.
photography: Team TBI

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Playing it safe is always a good idea, but a little experimenting here and there doesn’t hurt anyone!

A good way to experiment, if you’re bored of colours, is to switch up textures. Add depth to the outfit with textures and layers, while keeping it monochrome.

By the way, long cardigans are totally our thing now. Throw it on, throw it off.. there’s so many ways to style this piece of clothing, so versatile!I love how I can transition it from a key element in a look to something that I can just put on when I’m feeling cold. Cardigans for the win! (rant over. Proceed.)



DETAILS: Streetshopped cardigan and crop top | Vera Moda Body Con Skirt|  New Look boots | DIY choker

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Texture Play


— from my travels in Prague, Czech Republic


striped top- H&M / jeans- stradivarius / cross-body purse, slip-on shoes- thrifted / suede tie choker


bohemian top- gifted / sandals- old navy / sunnies- clothing underground

image image

choker- rag o rama / diy flannel- thrifted / white crop top- urban outfitters


Mistress of Bohemia