DIY | Flower Headcrown ♣

♣ Headcrowns are in for spring! And the easiest way to sport the trend is to make them yourself. Follow my tutorial for a quick and easy way to make the perfect flower crown.

What you’re going to need:

  • Fake flowers- you can get them at any gift and arts&crafts store. Mine are from Itsy Bitsy and have a little wire stem.

  • Wire- found at most stationery shops, mine are flower making wire from Itsy BITSY

  • Black/ colored insulation tape


  • Super glue if your flowers don’t come with a wire stem

What you’re going to do:

  • Take 3 long pieces of wire of the same length and measure them around your head. They should be slightly longer.

  • Braid the three pieces of wire together like so-

  • Measure them around your head again and join the ends by twisting them over each other-

  • Lay out your first flower and straighten the wire stem.

  • Choose a gap in the braided wire depending on where you want to place the flower.


  • Push the stem in all the way through the hole of your choice.

DSC01876 DSC01877

  • Wrap the excess stem around the braided wie to secure the flower.


  • Repeat the stems with the rest of your flowers. You can do different colors or even space them differently.

  • If you’re using flowers with flat ends [no wire stem], use the super glue to stick them onto the wire.

  • Wrap the stray pointy ends on the wire and from the flower stems with insulation tape to protect your head.

  • You now have…. a flower head crown!



This is how it looks on.

DSC01880 DSC01881


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