Pretty Little Liars Week ♥ Aria Montgomery

Aria Montgomery’s style is probably the most unique style on television. She pairs the most bizarre pieces together and pulls it off. She is influenced by grunge fashion and the 80’s but likes to put her own twist on and glam it up. You can find her wearing wacky prints, shiny tights, vintage earrings and midi dresses.

Want to dress like Aria? Just channel your inner grunge goddess.

Favorite type of jewelry: Statement necklaces

Favorite accessory: Jackets

Favorite footwear: Boots

Look 1: Grunge Goddess

Aria took a princessy frock and made it her own by adding some grungy accessories like a black belt & a choker pendant.

pool 1 pool 2

I’m wearing- pink prom dress- delias, black peep toes pumps- rosso, stacked black belts, black studded bracelet, layered necklace- clothing swap partypool 3

Look 2: Boho Chic

Aztec scarf, Leather jacket, Electric red pants- Aria makes grunge look polished.

wall 1- 1 wall 2- 2

I’m wearing: printed pants- h&m, mom’s scarf, moto jacket- d&g, sindhu’s boots, white top- maxwall 3- 3


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