Pretty Little Liars Week ♥ Hanna Marin

Hanna’s ensembles are vibrant, colorful. It’s flirty and girly with a trendy edge. Her staple wardrobe items include ruffles, structured blazers, belts to define her waist and eye catching jewelry. Like Aria, Hanna too does not go minimal with jewelry.

Want to Dress like Hanna? Just be bold and remember there’s no such thing as dressing down in Hanna’s world.

Favorite type of jewelry: Statement necklaces

Favorite accessories: Structured blazers & Colored cardigans.

It is this aspect of Hanna’s that I connect most with. I too am a huge fan of coloured cardigans and they are extremely easy to put together. Just put on a simple tee and and pair it with coloured cardigan or a designed one. Its that simple.

Favorite Colour: Blue


Hanna wears so much blue, but it never looks dull. So If you want to look like Hanna mix different shades of blue and rock the monochrome look.

Look 1: Frills with a twist

What Hanna’s outfits are most famous for is that she mixes girly frills with pieces borrowed from men’s wardrobe. Like this look, which I too have replicated. She pairs a girly top such as this frilled top with a structured blazer. So step 1 to dress like Hanna would be to mix elements of both men’s as well as women’s.


What I am wearing: Ruffled top: Commercial street, Denim skirt: , Motor Jacket, Heels: Marie Claire, Choker chain: Mumbai


Look 2: Wild Child



What I am wearing: Printed top from Smitha Aanand, Black jeans: Tibentian Plaza, Pumps: Rosso


As mentioned earlier, Hanna’s style is Vibrant and bold. Here she has styled a Snake printed top with a pair of black leather pants and pumps. Unfortunately I do not own a Snake printed top, but I do have a couple of bold printed tops.

On the whole Hanna’s outfits are near perfect. They are put together and very well polished.


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