Pretty Little Liars Week ❤ Spencer Hastings

Spencer Hastings’ style can be described in two words-formal and preppy. She loves to mix menswear and ladylike items, such as knee highs and a pair of brown leather oxfords, and manages to make it look perfect. Her color pallet is very neutral but because she isn’t afraid of mixing textures and patterns, her outfits are definitely out there. Her style can be defined as parent-approved, but it has an edge, due to its preppy and girly touch. Spencer being the ‘smart one’ of the group, dresses accordingly.

Want to dress like Spencer? Dress your smartest.

Favorite Accessories: Blazers and belts

Favorite footwear: Any type of lace up flats or boots

LOOK 1: Corporate Woman with a twist

Spencer wears the ideal office look, but makes it appropriate for school, by using an animal print button down and olive green high waist-ed pants with a brown belt.


Fotor012017050 dsc_0028 dsc_0025

What I’m wearing: blue bird print button down-chemistry, Formal pants- Tibetan plaza, brown belt, black pumps

LOOK 2: the pretty little liar 

This is one of Spencer’s most girl-y looks. She is wearing a beautiful cream dress with a blue cardigan and a belt to accentuate her athletic silhouette. She is wearing knee-highs and wedged lace up boots.

dsc_0059 dsc_0056

What I’m wearing: Stripped dress-ginger, sweater-from the streets, lace ups-catwalk, black tights, belt-from the streets

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