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I can’t believe school is over.

For my pre-graduation day on February 7th, I wore this gorgeous half-&-half saree that I got stitched from Ms. Debika of Bong Connection. I chose this rich fuchsia light-weight material for the pleats of my saree; I’m a petite girl and I didn’t want any additional bulk at the waist which would make me look out of proportion. For the pallu, i.e. the length that draped over my body, I chose a double-color chiffon. Double color materials are made up of two threads, (mine is dark red and violet) so that as the saree moves, light is reflected off each color. The main purpose of the double color pallu was to tie in the blouse with the pleats. My blouse is my favorite element- It is made of a nightingale blue velvet with pearl and gold embellishments. The back is cut wide open in a ‘V’; I didn’t want to go down the beaten path with a round back tied with a dori. DSC_0889


To complete the look, I added this gorgeous brooch on the clasp of my blouse and a kundan bangle. On my lips is M.A.C’s Rebel; the deep fuchsia is in perfect synchrony with the pleats of my saree. For my hair, I went for a side-swept hairstyle with  two-stranded twist braid and exaggerated the natural waves of my hair, which also brought out it’s residual ombre.




8 Comments Add yours

  1. malvikaashok says:

    Anisha you looked amazing on graduation. Your saree was unique and beautiful just like you :*

    1. Anisha Prabhu says:

      Thank you so much Malvika! This comment just made my day. *.*

      1. malvikaashok says:

        I just reread it and it sounds like a very cheesy pick up line but I’m very glad it worked on you :3

      2. Anisha Prabhu says:

        Bahaha I’ve heard worse :’D

        Did you invent the airplane? Cause you seem Wright for me.

  2. My boyfriend was suposed to get me a sari forever ago, but his mom says I have to learn to wear it first because they’re hard to walk in. I don’t care though, if I can get one as pretty as yours, its worth it!

    1. Anisha Prabhu says:

      Haha I thought it was going to be super awkward too, but trust me, it wasn’t that bad! I actually got used to walking in it after a while. 🙂 So you should totally convince him to get you one!
      And thank you ❤

  3. gypsysoul.. says:

    absolutely love the saree and the blouse is just too good 😀 suits you really well. and i really like how you’ve styled your hair wid it.

    1. Anisha Prabhu says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you like it. 🙂

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