Get Heat-less Beach Waves Overnight + 3 Ways to Style ’em

Hey babes, today I’m going to  show you how to get  super cool heat-less beach waves that you can sport all through the summer in these short and simple steps. Hope ya’ll like it. 🙂

Steps to get this look:

1. Wash your hair and air dry/ blow dry with dryer in cold setting until your hair is 55% dry.

2. Separate your hair in 2 parts (if you want tighter curls then 4 parts).

3. Start twisting by taking 2 pieces from the front, away from your face, and keep adding hair as you go down. You are essentially rope braiding and if you don’t know how to do that, there are many videos on youtube to help you. 🙂

4. Twist the rope braid into a bun and secure with an elastic.

5. Repeat this step on the other side.

6. Sleep on it.

7. Once you wake up and done with your daily routine,undo the twists and separate the hair.

8. Style it as you want and hair spray it. Voila you have beautiful wavy voluminous hair. 🙂


Don’ts and disadvantages

1. Do NOT brush your hair out.

2. Unfortunately if you don’t hair spray it, the waves will be gone in 2 hours or so.

3. If your hair isn’t damp then it may not work.

Keep these things in mind and you are good to go. 🙂

End Result:

3 ways to style

Look 1 : pretty me

The halo braids are so pretty and take just 2 minutes to do ( I don’t think it works for short hair :().  Take two Tiny sets of hair from the longest layer and braid them.  Wrap the braids over your head and bobby pin them in place.  With long hair they reach the end, for hair that’s medium length they may reach the middle so you can pin them one under the other. You can also do any other type of halo braids, this is the fastest and easiest to do.


Look 2 : twisted bangs

This look is super easy and looks really beautiful. Take two sets of hair that frame your face and start twisting them away from your face by adding more hair into every twist on any one side of your face, pin them in the back.  You can make it more dressy by adding  some floral pins.


Look 3 : boho chic

This hairstyle is inspired by Priyanka Chopra’s filmfare 2014 look.  Leave your bangs in the front and take the rest of your hair to one side.  Separate the hair in two parts and make messy buns of both so that they are right on top of each other. This look is very classy yet it can be worn in a very casual way.


Accessorize all these looks by adding pins, flowers, head bands etc to stand out of the crowd.

If ya’ll liked this tutorial and try it out do send us pictures on our twitter (@tbindian) or Facebook (The Beautiful Indian). You can hashtag #thebeautifulindian on Instagram or tag @thebeautifulindian and @ruchi731 so we can see your looks. 🙂




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