Splurge Or Save? | Ritu’s Story

The lovely people at Raise.com asked us a simple question: Splurge or Save? What do we spend on, when do we hold back? What’s worth it, and what’s not? Here’s Ritu’s experience! Enjoy, and after you’re done reading this, check out the original post for some great tips and tricks to prevent splurging when you think you’re saving.

Unfortunately my shopping needs are limited to only twice a year and my budget remains Rs.5000. You can look at this situation in two ways, either restrict your shopping needs to a bare minimum and thin your budget out over a long span of time or go all out in one shot. I happen to combine both!

Looking back, I realise that up until 2 years ago, I didn’t think too much about spending a bomb on clothing. My mentality changed when my friends introduced me to street shopping. Commercial street and Brigade road in Bangalore are the two places that you must go to if you want to buy a lot for less. So once a year I shop at Brigade road and commercial street and buy enough to satisfy me an entire year, but I make sure I make a trip to expensive places like Forever New, And, Chemistry or Fab India and splurge on one or two essential items. After all, you can’t compromise on essentials and staple pieces!

What really helps me save my money is making a list. I make a list of items that I really want and need and I only spend my money on buying those things. Girls, I’m with you, I understand WE WANT A LOT OF THINGS! But try to limit your list to things you really want and when you see everything on paper you’ll realise whether you really need them or not.

I tend to buy cheaper tops, shirts, blouses, skirts and jewellery: basically clothing that I wont be wearing everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t buy these items solely based on their price tag; I make sure they look good on me and are made out of decent material. If you can’t decide whether something is worth buying or not, take someone shopping with you and tell them to help you. One piece of advice I find very valuable is this- Only buy something on sale if you’re willing to buy it full-price. This way, you know you’ve got a good bang for your buck.

In my defence, I am not a miser. There are a few items I believe that we must spend those few extra bucks on. Lingerie for example,  has to be the best quality. I always believe that to look good and feel good you must feel comfortable. Hence I am willing to bring out the cash for brands like Marks & Spencers, Enamour, Bwitch and Lovable. Footwear is another item that I am willing to splurge on. Brands like Catwalk, Soles, Tres Mode and Zara are placed on our foot rack. Another clothing item that I am willing spend a little extra on are jeans. Let’s be realistic, Jeans are everyday wear and if you want your jeans to last for over 2 years then they have to be top notch. Levi’s, Lee, River Island and Tally Weijl are brands that fit perfectly and last for years. Jealous 21 and Max are not too bad either! I am also very particular about my Indian wear. Most of my Kurtis are from Fab India only because I believe its the best material that doesn’t rip, is easy to wash and is very comfortable.


Only once I have had a bad experience of splurging… you know that ‘tingly’ sensation you get in your stomach when you feel guilty about something? I drained a huge hole in my dad’s pocket about 3 weeks ago when I went to Pune. I bought a pair of boots from Marks & Spencer’s only because they were on sale and they cost 500 bucks, but then I went ahead I bought a black skater skirt for 1200 bucks in Forever New when I could’ve snagged one for 600 at Forever21. Looking at those items in my closet still hurts 😛 No matter how much I try to justify myself for splurging on those items, I will still never be able to fully convince myself about that purchase. I still have those bills as a reminder!


Other than that one bad experience, I am quite smart when it comes to shopping and extremely careful with my money.


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