How To: Style Edgy Jewellery ft. ‘Crunchy Fashion’

Edgy jewellery is all the rage right now; cuffs, spikes, mixed metals and claws find themselves in every store. Statement necklaces and oversized metal rings look attractive on the shelf, but sometimes it can be a challenge to style them. In this post we show you how we style our favorite edgy jewellery, courtesy of  ‘Crunchy Fashion’ a jewellery brand hosted on, and tell you why we love each piece that we chose.

Claws Around You

Bronze Claw Ring 

I’ve always been a little on the edgier, punk side of fashion and I feel that this claw ring complements that side of me pretty well. This ring also helps me break away from the tradition of stone and delicate rings that we often see here in India. I love how the claw actually looks like it’s been wrapped around my finger tightly, very dark, I like to think. Even though I really wish the website could have added ring sizes so I could pick one that fit me properly, this is definitely a ring I loved to add to my collection. It defines my quirky personality that doesn’t quite go by society’s standards. I felt that leather pants help complete this look; they’ve got just the right amount of punk to it without being over the top. As the ring is one that demands attention, I wore no other accessories.





And it was all Yellow

Spiked Ear Cuff

Ear cuffs are the perfect way to adorn your ears if you have non-pierced ears like I do, which is why I chose this piece. I like the fact that it is gold-toned because it compliments my skin tone, and the pearls give it a transitional element between modern and ethnic.  My favorite part is this long spike at the end; unfortunately each strand did not end with a spike as shown on the website, and the pearls were a surprise as well. This is why I styled this ear cuff with a bright yellow dress- a more colorful and girly option to go with the feminine pearls. I love how the tone of the  dress and jewellery match my brown eyes and hair as well. The price point on this piece is a bit higher, but the quality is on point so I would definitely say it is worth it.


dsc_0673dsc_0661 dsc_0662 dsc_0666

A single star in the black sky

Tribal Spiked Earrings

I’m really into tribal jewellery and this is a piece that incorporates both tribal and contemporary designs. The triangles give the earrings a look of geometric organisation whereas the spikes give it just the right amount of edge to stand out. What I liked about the earrings is that even though they’re bigger than I expected them to be, they’re lightweight and easy on the ears. The shade of blue is beautiful, and complements the gold perfectly.

dsc_0004 dsc_0007 dsc_0008 dsc_0009 dsc_0015

Two Faced

Faces Set

I chose these bad boys because I am all about unique jewelry right now! When they arrived they looked fab and I fell in love with them even more. Unfortunately the black ring is smaller than the gold one and it only fits my ring finger. I can shove it on to my other fingers, but I need to rub on loads of aloe vera gel onto my fingers to get them off, and that’s extremely painful. Since these rings are pretty bold, they require attention; that’s why paired it with a very simple sheer crop top and high-waist  pants. The best part about these rings is that, there is no ‘right’ occasion to wear them on, it fits all occasions. I’ve been using these rings almost everyday since the day I got them, because of that the colour has sort of faded- they are now a more rustic color rather than bright gold.. But I think it looks good this way!

 dsc_0017 dsc_0024 dsc_0018 dsc_0028

Eye see you

Punk Nail Rings

I could use this baby to claw someone’s eye out; hell, this is an even better weapon than pepper spray! It fits my middle finger perfectly, so when I get pissed this ring will help me get my point across.  But in all seriousness, this nail ring IS pretty badass, and I especially like the little snake around it. I love it when a brand pays attention to minor details like on this ring. Best part is, IT’S CHEAP! And don’t we all love a good bargain? If only they had sent me two 😥

The outfit I chose for this one is very much my style- a little edgy, sporty yet flattering to the figure.

disclaimer: this post is sponsored by, all opinions stated are our own.


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