Update: LimeRoad Scrapbook & Magazine Feature! ♥

To start off, let me apologize for our sparse posting habits on this blog. We’ve been caught up with college stuff, but hopefully this isn’t a precursor to what will happen when we go off to college. :\ While we’re working on more fashion-related posts, albeit slowly, we thought we’d share with you the wonderful course our blogging life is taking!

Recently, LimeRoad, a popular online shopping platform for women, asked us to be part of their Style Council, which includes other fashion bloggers as well as the gorgeous Neha Dhupia. LimeRoad has come up with an amazing tool called ‘LimeRoad Scrapbook’, where users like ourselves can put together outfits in creative ways to express our own style and help other shoppers visualize how products they might want to buy can be styled. As LimeRoad tell us,

“Today, they have  a community of 10,000+ scrapbookers who come from 22 states 138 cities of India, and have created 2,50,000 looks via Scrapbook. This community primarily consists of women, and for them Scrapbook has become a way of expressing their independent style. “

Ofcourse, we HAD to be a part of this! LimeRoad Scrapbook is all about everything we blog for in the first place: sharing our ideas, getting inspired by others and creating a fashion community. 🙂

These are some of our favorite scrapbooks that we made using the tool. Click on each picture to view the scrapbook in detail and shop the products featured! For more TBI Scrapbooks, click here.

If this hasn’t made you sign up for Scrapbooks already, I don’t know what will! You can try out LimeRoad Scrapbooks for yourself by clicking here.

As if being a part of the Style Council wasn’t cool enough, we’ve now been featured in the LimeRoad Magazine! Click on the picture below to see our feature, flip through the magazine, discover other style council members and getting style inspiration:

A bear hug and a huge thank you to YOU, reader! It’s your support and love that has gotten us this far. We hope you stick around for everything else that is to come. 🙂

Stay tuned for more posts about this, and more!

Much love,



3 Comments Add yours

  1. couponsmasti says:

    Thanks for sharing this useful information, definitely going to follow this for best limeroad trends

  2. Wow love their stuff. I shop online all the time. Do you think Limeroad is competing with Voonik? While its good that Voonik shows me only the stylist-handpicked stuff that suits me, it lacks the social lookbook feature. Their android app is much more interesting than the website though.

    1. Anisha Prabhu says:

      I think the idea behind Voonik differs a bit from that of Limeroad, although I’m not quite familiar with it. LimeRoad Scrapbook focuses on experimenting with different products and vibes, rather than matching your wardrobe to your personality and body type. Both concepts and pretty neat, though!

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