GIVEAWAY!!! + Neha Dhupia Styling Contest ft. LimeRoad

Stop! Check out LimeRoad right now! Continue…

The Giveaway

IT’S OUR FIRST GIVEAWAY ON TBI! Courtesy of the lovely people at LimeRoad.

Behold the Classic Rock Luxe Necklace, retailing at ₹ 1500! It could be yours for free. 😀



We have created three looks styling this gorgeous statement necklace from LimeRoad using LimeRoad Scrapbooks-

scrap 3scrap 1 scrap 2

   Look 1                          Look 2                          Look 3

To enter the giveaway:

1. ‘Like’ this post!
2. Comment down below which look- 1, 2 0r 3- is your favorite!


Alternatively, click on the picture below, which will lead you to the same picture on our Facebook page. There you can follow the same instructions to enter the giveaway. 🙂giveaway rules

Entries can be made until August 14th. A winner will be picked randomly and announced on our blog and facebook page on August 15th!

DISCLAIMER: This giveaway is India-only. Sorry!

The Contest

All you have to do is click on the image(s) above, which will lead you to the LimeRoad website, & create one look everyday according to Neha Dhupia’s calendar. Follow the rest of the instructions through the site and win an IPAD MINI. It’s super fun and super rewarding!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. frillthrills says:

    Woohoo at last a give away in india!!! 😀 I entered this dress neha dhupia challenge and have been thinking of doing it this weekend but I doubt I’ll be able to churn out such stunner killer looks.
    I’m a big sucker for black and white and Aztec hence my choice automatically is the second look – “a dress for everyday”. 😀 the chain would go beautifully well with that dress. All the best girls! ❤

    1. Anisha Prabhu says:

      That’s a great choice! Thanks for entering, 🙂

  2. sometimesdemonswin says:

    Look 2.
    Aztec *-*
    And, Hey! Congratulations on moving to a ‘.com’ site!
    Keep the dream flying! :’D

    1. Anisha Prabhu says:

      Thanks a lot! We absolutely will. 🙂

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