F.R.I.E.N.D.S Week | Monica Geller

Monica was all out sexy. She wore a lot of low cut dresses, crop tops, high waist-ed bottoms and of course the button down in all sorts of fabrics. Her style read comfort yet trendy. Since she was on the heavier side while young, she loved wearing outfits that really flattered her new and fit self.

“Limited seating? I am just one tiny person.”

This is one of Monica’s more simple and chic looks, as opposed to her usual wacky style. She has a great body and really accentuates it with a simple white tee. This look is very wearable today as well.


i’m wearing plain white tee: new look | tan trousers: forever 21

” ‘Wendy’, is a fat girl name.”

This is such a typical Monica look! Sleek yet out-of-the-box. I made a little more wearable with ankle boots and switched the midi salsa skirt out for a body-con.



i’m wearing bestie’s denim jacket | ritu’s boots | bodycon skirt: rattrap | basic black tee


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