Let’s Lounge | Enamor Review

It’s a lazy day, and you’re watching the rain from your balcony with a mug of coffee in your hand, a book in the other, and wearing comfortable glow in the dark lounge wear.

Wait. What? Glow in the dark?!

Yes! Enamor now has in its collection glow in the dark lounge wear! I know what you’re thinking- lounging never looked so good.



What I loved the most about this set, are the pants. With beautiful bright prints on them, you can actually afford to pair this with a tank top and a statement necklace and wear it to that brunch you’ve got to attend, or that boutique you absolutely MUST shop at.




We’re all kids at heart, so needless to say, I was fascinated by the t shirt which glows in the dark. The top and the pants are made of good fabric. They have a tailored fit, yet aren’t tight fitting.




If you didn’t have enough reasons to go look at yourself in the mirror, Enamor gives you one more – Glow In The Dark Lounge Wear. I spent 15 minutes admiring my glowing t shirt and funky pants, and I dare say you will too.


I’m wearing a size S.

*this review is sponsored by Enamor, but the opinions expressed are our own.


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