The Little Black Saree

The saree seems to be far from the ideal traditional choice for today’s youth, but this gorgeous piece from really stood out to me. Chic, sexy and flattering on any body type, this little black saree is the perfect item to help you transition from saree-weary to saree-wearer. 1 carries a variety of similar figure-flattering sarees, like this one. The saree in this post is black chiffon with a gold border- quite a simple piece, but the unique way that we chose to drape it makes it something of a fashion statement and lot more youthful.  I chose to take the styling on a more contemporary route: striped wedges from Done By None, ear cuff and claw ring from Crunchy Fashion and a gold necklace-turned-waist-adornment. A dash of color on my lips courtesy ‘Rebel” by M.A.C. and I was good to go! 4 3 9 5 7 2

disclaimer: was kind enough to send us this black chiffon saree to review. all opinions are our own; we do not endorse products that we do not personally enjoy.


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  2. love your blog!! great pics and posts!
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