Hyve it up!

With a million salons and spas all over the city, you must be extremely confused about where and how to go, right? We feel you. if we had to count the number of times we’ve hunted for a good salon/spa that either fits our budget, is closer to our area, or is just plain good, we’d be counting all night. We were desperate for some help.

Enter Hyve, stage left.

This app helps you discover new salons and spas in your area, book appointments at those or at the ones you visit regularly, and also read reviews to see what to expect.

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The people from Hyve contacted us recently, and it was a match made in heaven. We jumped at the opportunity to review this app because we were quite curious to know how it worked, and we desperately needed some down time ASAP.

There’s no doubt about it: The app’s great. It makes things so much simpler- in 30 seconds flat, you can surf through a huge number of listings, choose a salon, and book an appointment according to your preferred timings.You can show all your friends your cool new makeover by ‘creating a look’ on the app, and even rate the salon you visited! Let’s be real, we all know how confusing it is to choose a salon you’ve never been to before, so here’s your chance to help a sister out. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t have salons registering on it, and without this there is no direct link between salon and user. However this was the only glitch we found! This super-smooth app has a TBI-approved UI.

Here’s the deal: we absolutely love this app and we think you will too. Hyve is available for Android and iOS so get downloading!


disclaimer: this post is sponsored by ‘hyve’ but all opinions stated are our own. we would never recommend something we don’t personally love!

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