Bachelorette Pad (LimeRoad x TBI)



When you are living with your friends, you don’t always have the funds to make decorate your home with the most expensive interior decoration.  But making your bachelorette pad look beautiful and lively is not always that expensive. All you need to do is log on to an online shopping portal, scroll through their enormous collection and purchase beautiful home décor for your dwelling, that too in reasonable prices. Following are the pocket friendly decorations that you can buy to make your bachelorette home look alluring:

  • Start with the little things that matter. You girls can start your mornings with the perfect cappuccino in the funkiest of printed coffee mugs. These are a must have in the crockery collection of bachelorettes living together. They bring a very ‘young wild and free’ spirit to your house.
  • Coming to the décor, while an Italian sofa-set would be too much of an expenditure, you girls can still pool in some money to style up the old sofas with groovy sofa cushions. These will not only make a nice enhancement to the decoration but will also give you a weapon for the pillow fights.
  • You can also make your bachelorette house get a more lively vibe by placing modish bean bags instead of straight and sturdy chairs which are often more expensive.

Now you are all ready to decorate your bachelorette home beautifully without breaking your bank.

*opinions and photo credits: (which you should totally visit if you haven’t already!)


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