From The Royal Gardens

Royalty is shades of blue with a tinge of gold. Understated elegance is the dance of these two colours as they create something beautiful. BlueStone has got it right, once again. When I received this set of earrings and a pendant, I was blown away. The attention to detail, design, and delicate craftsmanship definitely makes this collection worth the wait, the money and the looks you’ll be getting from envious people.

I wanted to let this set steal all the glory, and let it show you how it can make anything look absolutely elegant.




Pants: Stitched | Crop top: Gifted | Shoes: Catwalk | Jewellery courtesy BlueStone
You can follow BlueStone on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to go through their Blue Book (which I helped launch!) to see the trendiest ways to sport BlueStone jewellery, or even just to look at the excellent photos in it. I, for one, can’t wait to see what else BlueStone has in store for us. Also, buy the Peacock Collection here!

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