Colours of the Fall

Fall is such a great time to try some dark lip colours and vamp up your look, automatically making it more chic and sophisticated. Personally I’ve been afraid of lipsticks my whole life. I thought they made my teeth look weird… Now that I’m older I know how to pick the right colour for myself and pair them with the perfect outfits, whether it is to glam up a casual look or just add a hint of colour to a monochrome ensemble. While I think the last few months of the year  are the time to try on some dark shades like burgundy and brown, it is also nice to add a pop of colour sometimes with a pinkish red or orange.

2/4 of TBI’s fall favourite lip colours:

5 4 3 2
On Ruchika: Maybelline’s Bold Crimson

6 7 8 9
On Sindhu: Lakme Enrich Satins in 423

10 11 1213
On Ruchika: Maybelline’s Coffee Break

14 18 16 17
On Sindhu: Maybelline’s Earthy Plum

23 20 21 22
On Ruchika: Lakme Enrich Satin in M421

24 25 26 27
On Sindhu: Oriflame’s Black Cherry 5083



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Aditi Pillai says:

    Hi! Loved your post! What colour suits the Indian skin tone the most? I’m a little skeptical about trying a bright colour like orange and red…so how should I style my outfit for it to look chic but not too loud at the same time?

    1. Ruchika Bhat. says:

      Wear simple outfits and pair it with a bright coloured lip. A simple white dress or denim shorts even, the lip colour itself will make a statement. Choosing the right shade is personal. For example if Sindhu and I try the same lip shade it looks different on both of us. So you have to see and decide what looks best on you. Just don’t be afraid of trying new things and if you like it, go for it. ☺

    2. Ruchika Bhat. says:

      And about what colours suits us the best, in my opinion it’s maroon and dark wine-y shades.

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