‘What makes you smile’ in collaboration with Operation Smile SSLA

I am part of the ‘Operation Smile’ club at my university, which works for the world famous NGO Operation Smile. Operation Smile is an international NGO helping people with ‘cleft lip’ and ‘cleft palate.’ As a club we wanted to start off by spreading awareness to the students of our university. So as part of the awareness campaign, we organised a series of events that engages the students at college, these include poetry slam, flash mob and treasure hunt spread over the entire week. The whole week was called the ‘what makes you smile week’, and on the last day we asked the whole college to dress up in clothes that makes them smile.

We, at the The Beautiful Indian also want to show our support for this cause. So here’s our rendition of  ‘what makes us smile’.



What she’s wearing: Tshirt: Boyf’s, Cardigan and Shorts: Thrift Shop, Polar Bear socks, Boots: Famous Footwear, Choker: Grandma’s

Why it makes her happy: The boots were her first pair she ever bought in college and they have gotten her through the last two years. Also wearing any of her boyfriend’s clothes makes her happy.



What she’s wearing: Basic Tee: Street Shopped from Commercial Street, Shoes: Dubai, Jeans: Tally Weijl, Backpack: Max, Sunnies: Rayban

Why it makes her happy: This is her favorite outfit at the moment because the shoes and the jeans go so well together and black tee because black is her all time favorite color.



What she’s wearing: sweater- zara, distressed denim-DIY, flats- clothes exchange party
Why it makes her smile: This outfit makes her happy because she has great memories in this sweater with us girls and we mean the world to her,. Also she distressed these pants herself, and is really proud of how they turned out. The outfit she says is very comfortable and cozy, perfect for fall and makes her feel free to do anything



What I’m wearing: Tank top: Jockey, Pants: Fab India, Shrug: FC road (Pune), White stud shoes from Brigade Road (Sorry you can’t see the shoes)
Why it makes me happy: This outfit is probably the most comfortable outfit to wear to college, and these pants are my favorite pair at the moment mostly because of it’s indigo color and it’s funky design. I particularly love this outfit because of the white shrug, it belongs to my roommate and I am love with all her clothes, also she means the world to me and I couldn’t have gotten through these last two years without her. This outfit is also one of my most refreshing and bright outfits.

Please like The Operation Smile SSLA Page- https://www.facebook.com/operationsmile.ssla/?fref=ts
We hope this post made you smile




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aditi Pillai says:

    Stealing those jeans ruchika!

    1. Ruchika Bhat. says:

      lels. Try Try.

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