Maxi by the Beach

Maxi skirts are just about my favourite type of skirts, which is weird since I didn’t own any. A month or so ago I was on the hunt for a really nice maxi skirt, which would also be my first one. I hunted everywhere and couldn’t find it- this was turning out to be my very own #firstworldproblem! Luckily, this collaboration with @shop_rashi on Instagram saved the day. Yes, I collaborated with an Instagram fashion account- sue me. This skirt was sent by the lovely Chandana- she makes amazing clothes (but more on that later).


JOCKEY cami / RASHI skirt / DIY earrings

I probably don’t need to describe this maxi skirt, but it does feel really amazing. The single slit down the side gives space for movement, which is easy even otherwise because the fabric is light. I’ve always wanted to wear something like this down to the beach and so I decided to keep the styling simple. I was a bit apprehensive when I chose this skirt because I didn’t know how it’d fit- but Shop Rashi customises it for you, to your own size! They’ve added some lovely pieces over the days, including their new ‘Go Backless’ collection.

If you’re looking for a custom made maxi, or a dress/top for that matter, go ahead and follow @shop_rashi on Instagram, and buy buy buy!



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  1. ashmita621 says:

    I have just started a new beauty/makeup blog, and would love it if anyone could check it out and give me some feedback on what you think. It’s my first blog and first post ever, so I would really appreciate some comments and opinions to know if I’m doing anything wrong. Thank you! ❤

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