The Cover It Up Story

Today, I’m staying away from accessories and letting these phone covers speak for me. And, in turn, I’ll ask you- who are you going to be today?

Vintage white shirt | Distressed Denims from Tally Weijl | Double sole skater shoes street-shopped in Dubai | Lennon sunnies from Rayban / ‘Classy, Sassy and a Bit Smart Assy’ phone case courtesy Cover It Up


White top and skater skirt from Forever 21 / Boots from New Look / DIY mint tassel earrings / ‘Wonderwoman’ phone cover courtesy Cover It Up / Sunnies from Rayban

I’ve been a pretty staunch phone cover devotee for the longest time, although it’s not something my fam preferred to encourage. I managed to stay away from websites that sold phone covers for a good while. But when Cover It Up contacted us, I fell right off the wagon and I’m not ashamed. These phone covers were basically calling my name, although I’m definitely a lot more smart ass-y than it says. What really impressed me about this brand was the prices- especially if you belong to the Apple family and have to shell out a bomb for a decent cover. The designs are quirky- you’ve got your regular covers and then there are ones that are unique to this brand. You can also design your own product, for a lesser price than I’ve seen on other customising sites. They’ve got a fun collection of sunglasses too- I know what I’m buying off their website next! I love how the cases are statements in themselves- you don’t have to wear a number of accessories to stand out!

*this post is sponsored by Cover It Up, but the opinions expressed are our own*


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