Freedom! ’90

The title of the post is inspired by the song ‘Freedom’ by George Michael, which was a huge hit in the 90’s. I have a special attachment to this song because I am a 90’s kid myself.

   What people thought of me has always been a huge concern. I started questioning my every move, my dressing style, my diet, my behavior and my mannerisms. For years, I’ve wanted to get over this insecurity and I feel like this blog is the right platform to do so. I have become a lot more confident, mature and happy and I owe it all to the blog. The four of us have been blogging for the last three years, and I can say with assurance that it has brought out a positive change in all of us. This change was possible because we have been there for each other and been together for many years now, and continue to be each other’s support system despite the distance.

The concept of Freedom is very subjective, and differs from person to person. For me, being able to learn the subject of my choice denotes freedom, while for someone else it could be about escaping the constraints that society entangles us in. ‘With freedom comes great responsibility’ This is a quote that all our parents, teachers and adults have said no less than a hundred times, and it’s started to make sense and reflect my every move since I began university.

Through this post, we urge you to think about freedom because we believe it is essential for all to be aware of the freedom that we possess and make use of it wisely.

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I (Ruchika) styled this photo shoot to represent my idea of freedom. White represents peace and the balloons and colors simply denotes life. For me, freedom equals happiness.

 Do tell us what your take on freedom is.



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  1. Jai says:

    This is amazing.. You are super talented girl with good looks, long way to goo..

  2. Jai says:

    Umm..well, freedom taught me being responsible, it is always so stressful to fulfil my or my family needs but I found the same freedom giving loyality from my girl and she is really happy all the time. She still says, “They gave me so much freedom to live life in my way, cant I give them moral support at this old stage”. I know everyone feels so but being in love, everything seems special and touching 😉

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