Winter’s Not Gone (ft. PRREM’S)

It’s true- winter’s not gone in spirit.
I’m one of those who whip out a sweater the second the weather gets slightly cold, so naturally anything connected to winter, I love automatically. In the last post, I styled two scarves available at Prrem’s Winter Wear Store, and this post features a sweater from their collection. Play it up or play it down- this sweater is your go to for nights out, or days in. I stepped slightly out of my comfort zone with this sweater in terms of colour, since I usually prefer black/white sweaters- they’re easy to style, and I’m a lazy person. It’s wool, cable knit and thick, but not to the point of suffocation. It also has a hi-low hem, which you could either leave as is, or tuck/fold it in as I did here. Pair it with jeans as seen below, or amp it up with a skater skirt and boots- make this sweater your own.
Don’t forget to check out the Prrem’s website, and also walk into their store in Koramangala any time, for sweaters like these, and many more winter accessories.

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