Don’t Just Discover, Diskover!

A couple weeks ago, I was sat at my desk, scrolling through all my favorite online shopping stores with the concentration of a surgeon performing an operation. A week after that, the items that I had ordered arrived at my doorstep in the hands of a delivery boy who was a bit scared seeing how excited I was to receive the parcel (I don’t blame him). Imagine my disappointment, though, when I tried on the clothes and they didn’t fit right- I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why. I chose the right size, double checked the measurements, and only then ordered it, so where could I possibly have gone wrong? Turns out, while shopping for clothes, the shape of your body matters too- a feature that Diskover keeps in mind. A website that acts as your personal stylist? Tell me more, you say? Gladly.Diskover1

We’re more conscious about our appearance than we care to admit. The hack is to study your body, its every curve and edge, so that you buy clothing that only flatters your body shape and size. Rather than faking what you don’t have, Diskover helps you enhance what you do have, by way of classifying body types into broad categories and dressing you accordingly. Know your body shape? Find outfits by size. Know that too? Find outfits by occasion. It’s the 21st century, folks, and personal stylists are now at your fingertips, literally. Embark on this journey of self discovery and indulgence, with a little help from Diskover to get you by.

Find Diskover on Facebook and Instagram, and download their app here (Android only… for now!)


Shout out to Veena and Janet for introducing me to Diskover and so wonderfully taking me on board x

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