DIY Tassel Earrings

How long has it been since we posted a DIY? Too long. I’d been planning to have this post up ages ago, and now it’s finally here. Tassel earrings have been remade over and over again, and in this post I’m going to do it too, but suitable for a more traditional outfit.


Here’s what you’re going to need:

diy 1

Begin by choosing a colour of cord, and cut them into pieces, the length double that of the desired length of your final product. So if you want your earrings to be 2 inches, cut 4 inch pieces.


When you’re done, hold them together and slip a piece of cord (let’s call it Cord A) about 4 inches long underneath, at the halfway point of the cord, and tie a knot.


Slip the ends of Cord A through a bead. Then, attach an earring hook by knotting it to the ends of Cord A. Cut off the excess, or tuck it into the bead.


Almost done! Cut off a long length of cord, and wrap it a few times around the tassels, right underneath the bead. Tie a knot, or two. This will hold your tassels together, and prevent them from splaying out. Leave the ends hanging- they’ll just look like part of the tassels. Trim off the ends to make them even.


Repeat the same steps to make the other earring, and there you have it- tassel earrings that are perfect for you to wear with a traditional kurta or sari. You can make it grander, by stringing beads or adding more tassels. You can also tone it down, by removing the beads, and choosing a lovely pastel shade of cord.


If you try this out, don’t forget to comment below, we’d love to check your version of the earrings out!



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