Shop and Sell Pre-Loved with Elanic

When I was 10 and we were shifting to India, my mother held a yard sale, where she sold literally half the house. From then on, she became very enterprising. I always made fun of her, with equal parts humor and amazement at how addicted she was to selling, and earning money. 10 year old me was convinced that the pencil I couldn’t find must have been sold by her. Even today my mother sells her art with as much satisfaction as she used to when I was a child. She always warned me that one day I’d be bitten by the ‘selling’ bug too, and I laughed and never believed her. But thanks to Elanic, my mother had the last laugh.

 The idea of buying and selling pre-loved items is great. Instead of leaving them to collect dust, it’s much nicer to send it off to the homes of other who would love it anew, and earn money in the process, like a digital thrift shop. Buyers and sellers can like photos, comment on them, negotiate deals, all within the app. Once a deal is struck, the baton passes to Elanic to facilitate pick ups, drop offs and payments, which I think really adds to the experience.


So here’s a quick run through of how it’s done! Create your Elanic account first, and maybe even follow a few sellers you like. Click on the ‘+’ symbol to add your own items, complete with pictures, product details and price. Now all you have to do is wait for someone to snatch up your beautiful item.


What impressed me about Elanic the most was their communication system- one that keeps you updated right from when your product is ordered, to when it’s picked up, and then delivered, through emails and text messages. As if that wasn’t enough, Elanic’s representative calls you after sale to schedule a pick up, and the pick up guy calls you as well, when he’s on his way. A startup with a communication system as flawless as that of e-commerce giants- now that’s pretty impressive.


Elanic offers a 3 day return policy to buyers, and if the product isn’t returned within 5 days, it means your customer is happy, and your Elanic wallet goes cha chingYou can use this credit to buy within the app, or, if you earn Rs. 500 or more, you can cash it out.

The app itself has a very user-friendly interface. However, since I was using it on an iPhone, I had a bit of trouble, and I’ve heard it works perfectly on Android phones. Try it out on Android for the best user experience!

Update: about a week after I posted this I received the product I ordered from Elanic and I’m absolutely bowled over. First off, transaction was easy because Elanic deducts credits from your account (COD also available!) The top I ordered came to me in perfect condition after passing Elanic’s screening and also smelt lovely thanks to Elanic’s sanitation process. Complete with a pretty little bow and letter thanking me for my purchase, buying from Elanic felt just as good as selling on it. I’m in love!


All in all, Elanic is an excellent pocket sized business assistant, and an app we would definitely recommend. It’s immensely satisfying to see that little ‘SOLD’ box hovering over some of your items in your Elanic closet, believe me! You can download it (for free) on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

*Disclaimer: all opinions stated are our own.


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