Of Florals & Silver

I’m too much of an impulsive buyer, and also have my nose proverbially stuck in fashion blogs and designer websites, checking out the new trends and wondering if I’d ever have the guts to wear something of that sort. Safe to say, a combination of the two is a horrible thing to be. Many times I’ve seen beautiful dresses or tops on a model online and I just have to buy it, even though I know I’d confine it to my closet immediately after I got it. Which I did, every single time. So I figured I needed to change my shopping behaviour obsession. But instead, I stumbled upon LibeRent.

A website that allows me to rent out stuff I shouldn’t buy but I could experiment with? Sounds like heaven. So I checked their website out, with a little reservation that usually happens when I use a website for the first time (not that that’s ever stopped me) and I asked for this floral skirt that looked lovely on their model, although it wasn’t directly available on their website. Can’t tell you how excited I was to open the box and see it! It was clean, neat and of great quality. Fit like a glove, too. And what’s more, it turns out this skirt is part of their new collection that isn’t even up yet on their website, so I felt quite like royalty while doing this preview!


INMARK high neck crop top | STYLE CHOICE VIA LIBERENT “tropical fleur” maxi skirt | ANTIQUE silver jewellery

So LibeRent is a clothing rental company that operates mainly in Bombay and Bangalore, but delivers to other major cities in India too. You can rent clothes for any occasion, all at just 10% of the product’s actual price! The clothing items are usually designer, with the original prices running into thousands of rupees, so a low rental price is a breath of relief. Spotted a bunch of F21, Forever New and H&M items in their new collection too! Main categories are Western and Ethnic, and there’s also an option to rent accessories. Shipping and pick up is free, and the clothes are hygienic and clean- this I can personally vouch for.

As for sizes, you don’t have to worry- you can select your bust-waist-hip measurement on their website and they’ll customize it to fit you most of the times. In case customization isn’t possible, there’s always the option of choosing a back-up outfit.

And yes, feel free to use the special discount code below and avail 50% off on your first rental!

thebeautifulindian (1)


this post is a collaboration but all opinions stated are our own.
photography: Team TBI

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