Detox and Chill

First things first- I’ve never drunk green tea before. Shocked? Yeah, I thought so. Despite hearing so much about it, I always stuck to my preferred blend of tea that I painstakingly sourced from the UAE through every relative or friend or friend’s friend who ever went there. For the past few weeks however, the stress of final year and everything has been getting to me, and I was on the lookout for any solution that could calm me down and keep me healthy without having to actually try (yep, that means no gym!)

I think The Digital Rose heard my prayers, because they sent around sachets of green tea from Kirkland Signature by Ito En. Mum had never tasted green tea either (you see where I get my stubbornness from) because she’d always thought it had no taste (“who drinks plain tea without milk and sugar Sindhu, how do you live on that?!”)

creative (2)

So we thought we’d take the plunge together, and make an evening out of it. Luckily, Bangalore’s weather was obligingly cloudy and cold, so we set up fancy chinaware in our verandah and made use of the weather, and the tea. But first- quick health facts!

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It’s really easy to make Kirkland Signature green tea- simply steep the tea bag in hot water for a minute or so, and then empty the remaining Matcha onto the surface of the tea! This minute-long process is probably the easiest way to be healthy.


Given that I’d never tried green tea before, I was expecting something rather horrid. However, this wasn’t like that at all! It merely tastes like herb-flavoured water, and adding the matcha will also give it a bitter tinge that only adds to the flavour. Add lemon or milk only if the taste just isn’t for you. Keep in mind, however, that green tea isn’t a substitute for a healthy diet and nutrients- it is a part of it. It is recommended to drink 2-3 cups daily to maximise the benefits.


This was definitely a successful green tea trial, and I’m going to be stocking up on more Ito En and Kirkland Signature products very soon! Buy it off Amazon here. Also, tell us your favourite green tea brand in the comments below? So I can try it out too!

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PS: This is not a sponsored post.

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