In talks with Shillpa Purii

It’s almost festive season in India and that means it’s time to stock up on your best Indian wear and have some great accessories to go with them. I always keep a look out for good jewellery that goes with both Indian wear and western wear, so when I got the opportunity to interview Shillpa Purii, I was thrilled to see the new stuff she had come up with. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go for the launch because of  the annoying combination of too much college and too much rain, but hopefully I shall get to go have a look soon and add some new fancy pieces to my jewellery box.

Words from the designer:

1.What message do you have to jewellery lovers about your latest collection? And how is it unique from what we find everywhere in today’s market?

The leaf collection is romantic in appeal and distinctive in nature. It gives the customer a choice to wear something trendy at any time with an Indo western touch.


2.We love how your jewellery is the perfect blend of Indo- western. Which piece in the collection would you say works for occasions of both sides?

The double leaf ring in a dark ruby colour & the turquoise leaf ear cuff, both these pieces are trendy and multi-functional, can be worn to a brunch, cocktail or even a sangeet.


3.  How does the collection reflect the mood of the season?

I have a long standing love for nature and its elements, be it using wood or designs that are inspired by nature, this collection is no different as it is LEAF inspired.

4. What is the relevance of the leaf motif to the season?

The monsoons in our country signify nature and I thought it would be ideal to centre this collection on nature and its elements, particularly the leaf. Some pieces the leaf is used as a hanging and in some pieces the leaf is an integral part of the design such as the ear cuff and the ring.


5.Does the theme mean that these designs should be used only in the monsoon in terms of material or it can be used at any time of the year?

Dauntless yet elegant, this collection is for women who love to embrace their feminine side with confidence hence it is something that can be worn anytime. These pieces are trendy yet multifunctional comprising of  Pearls, turquoise stones,etc.


6.Is there a specific leaf you had in mind for the motif?

Leaf- element as a whole was my inspiration.


7. How would you style your favourite piece of the collection?

Hands out the turquoise leaf earcuff with a LBD for a night or even an off-shouldered top to a brunch to a casual kurta.

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